Murray Timber Framing

a production workshop and school for the craft of timber framing.

Murray Timber Framing creates custom and standard timber frame (post and beam) structures.

Homes, Barns, Gazebos, Carports, Cabins, Children's playhouses

Murray Timber Framing offers:

Custom and standard timber frame structures.


A schedule of hands-on workshops for individuals and families.



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What is a timber frame?

It is not a log home.

The craft of timber framing is over 3000 years old. The timbers are joined together with mortise and tenon and held with wooden pegs. This requires accuracy seldom seen in modern framing carpentry. One of the most impressive examples is Westminster Hall, built in London in 1399. You can have one just like it (well, perhaps you will choose something a bit smaller :) but still a timber frame - your own peace of history.

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