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This was a Timber Framer's Guild project done in September 2001 in Golden, B.C. Canada. The project was a Burr Arch covered wooden pedestrian bridge, about 50 meters (~164 feet) long. The weather was good, the people very nice and hospitable, the area beautiful and the project interesting. A good time was had by all.

The town of Golden, B.C. from the top of the gondola.


The building site.
Kicking horse river on the left, Dog Tooth Cafe on the right (blue roof).
Bed timbers were laid out and leveled down the middle of the road. The bed timbers were a giant flat work surface to build the side walls on.
The excavator is digging for the bridge abutment foundation next to the river.

Building the first side wall on the bed timbers.

Traveling European journeymen carpenters (in traditional dress) who came to help.

Raising the first side wall.

First side wall supported in place.

Second side wall being built on the bed timbers.

Second side wall being raised.

Both walls up. The floor and roof timbers being installed.

Floor decking being installed.

The bridge has about 16" of arch built into it.

Dedication ceremony.

Burr arch pedestrian bridge.

Length: ~50 meters (~164 feet)

Width (inside): ~10 feet

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